Guests and travelers can enjoy wonderful meals prepared by Giovanna and her staff of local cooks from the freshest local ingredients. Enjoy cucina toscana at its best, served in beautifully decorated frescoed rooms dating back to the mid-19th century! The simple and genuine, healthy and tasty dishes of the Senese are found in our cuisine. There is nothing better than our welcoming family dining rooms for enjoying them. An evening here will be imprinted in your mind forever!

Here's a sampler of our special dishes:

Menu alla carte
– Antipasto--toast spread with typical Tuscan sauces
– Formaggio--Pecorino al miele & Pecorino all'olio della Romita
– Dolci--sweets from the farm

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Primi Piatto
– Cacciucco di Ceci--soup of ceci and vegetables
– Quiche of Farro with Truffles or Seasonal Sauce
– Insalata di Farro--salad with herbs, oil, and Pecorino
– Pici--hand-made pasta of Etruscan origin with meat, cheese, and olive oil
– Ginestrata--not a dish at all, but a magical soup from the world of witches, love, and medicine!

Secondi Piatti
– Fiori Fritta--fresh flowers (carnations, acacia, wisteria) fried in olive oil
– Braised Beef all'agresto--braised beef braised in sour grape flavoring
– Renaissance Ox-Tail--traditional sauce of tomatoes, grapes, and pine nuts
– Pork Baked in Paper--with potatoes, onions, and fresh garden herbs
– Duck in Porchetta--roast breast of duck stuffed with fennel, garlic, and herbs, with lavender sauce
– Pheasant with Juniper Berries--larded and spiced and baked in parchment
– Scottiglia--ancient meat stew from the Maremma
– Roasted Wild Boar--with rosemary